Balsams Resort Pet Policy

Your pets are welcome at our resort. We have had very few problems with pets and quite often they are popular with the guests. However, we do enforce a strict pet policy. You must follow these rules or you will have to leave the resort. Your money will not be refunded if you are asked to leave.
  1. For their own safety (we border a wilderness area) pets must be leashed at all times.
  2. Pets are not allowed on beds or other furniture
  3. Pets can not be left alone in cabins or motel rooms. You can board them at Sunrise Kennels (less than 2 miles away) for the day. Their prices are reasonable. Make arrangements ahead of time as Sunrise fills up regularly. Call Sunrise Kennels 906/643-7726 to make arrangements for the week you are going to be up north.
  4. You must clean up after your pet.
  5. There is a charge of $10.00 a night per pet.
  6. Excessive barking or pets that frighten or endanger any of our guests will NOT be tolerated.
We reserve the right to restrict certain breeds of animals from coming to the resort. We also have a limited number of rooms and cabins that accommodate pets.